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6 Gadgets College Students Need

Gadgets College Students Need
Gadgets College Students Need

About to start college? Wanna know what gadgets you’ll need? Worry not, mate. We’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in to the 6 Gadgets College Students Need.

College life has gone digital. Like it or not, you’re gonna have to stay connected in order to survive college. And to do that, you’ll need gadgets. And besides, living in the dorm isn’t the same as living in your house. You’ll have to bring your own stuff to personalize your space. So it’s best that you make a list of things you’ll need in the future.



What devices do I need for college?

Depending on where you live and what faculty you’re in, the need for gadgets can vary. So we’ll talk about a wide range of devices. Let’s dive in.

A Laptop / Tablet

These days, a laptop is almost a requirement for college. No matter which subject you’re studying, you should get one before starting college. Especially if you’re gonna be staying in a dormitory.

Two College goers on a study date.

That’s because a laptop provides freedom and flexibility to work on college assignments. You can take a laptop to college, use it for note-keeping and stay connected with friends. It can be your portable gaming rig, or the home theater in the dorm.

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A Portable Hard-Drive

An external hard drive enables you to take your work everywhere. And you won’t have to take the whole laptop for that. Even if you heavily rely on cloud services (e.g. Google Drive, One Drive), it never hurts to have a physical backup of your precious college works.

A Powerbank

As a college student, you’ll often find yourself on the move. And then there are those long lectures to attend to. To keep your batteries full, you should get a power bank.

Headphones / Earbuds

Living in the dorm, there’s one thing you’ll definitely miss. And that is privacy. To reduce background noise and distractions, you should buy a Headphone or an earbud. They’ll help you concentrate better and get you some needed privacy.

A Portable Speaker

College life isn’t just about studying. It’s also about socializing with others, making new friends, and exploring things. It’s about living on new terms.

So it’s normal for college students to party. You’ll often see your dorm-mates jump around and enjoy themselves to the fullest. And what’s good about a party without some noise? A nice, portable speaker can help.

Besides, a portable speaker is great for watching movies or listening to music at the dorm. All in all, having a portable speaker is just a great convenience.

A Printer

College assignments will often involve printing documents. So why not buy a small printer yourself?



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