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Best Backpacks for Gaming Laptops

Best Backpacks for Gaming Laptops
Best Backpacks for Gaming Laptops

If you carry your gaming laptop often, you may want to consider buying a high-quality backpack. Laptops are pretty fragile, and it’s easy to damage the laptop while carrying. And when it comes to protecting that expensive piece of machine, a hundred-dollar investment seems like a wise plan.

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Besides, a well-designed laptop bag provides comfort. This is important since you’re carrying 5-pound hardware, and carrying that much weight can cause back pain to some people.

So, what kind of bags are best for carrying gaming laptops? Let’s find out.



Gaming laptops are heavy and Bulky

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Gaming laptops are heavy. That’s no news. Even in 2021, where most notebooks have gotten slimmer and lighter, gaming laptops are almost as bulky and heavy as they used to be in 2015. Typically, most 15-inch gaming laptops weigh about 4 to 6 pounds. And a 17-inch gaming laptop weighs around 5 to 7 pounds.

To compare, ultrabooks weigh less than 3 pounds. And most business laptops weigh 4 pounds or less. There are also some exceptionally heavyweight machines. One example is the Alienware Area-51M r2 gaming laptop which weighs about 9.04 lbs.

Different Brands, different traits

Just like laptops, backpacks can vary depending on laptop size and type, user needs, etc. For example, a backpack for 15-inch laptops won’t be able to fit a 17-inch laptop. Ad a thin and light backpack for ultrabooks may not be a good choice for a heavyweight gaming machine.

Here are a few things you want to consider before looking for a backpack:

Laptop compartment size

This is the first thing you want to check when buying a backpack. Like laptops, backpacks for laptops may vary in size. There are some backpacks made for 13-inch ultrabooks. But mostly all backpacks have the space for conventional 15-inch gaming laptops.

But if you have a 17-inch notebook, make sure the backpack you’re buying is for 17-inch laptops.


Gaming laptops are expensive, a typical mid-end gaming laptop can easily cost over a thousand bucks. And the high end can cost even more. And considering how fragile laptops are, you should get a backpack that has sufficient shielding ad padding.

Bag-makers typically use three techniques — or a combination of them to protect your laptop from shock:

  • Padding: This is the simplest form of protection. It compresses on impact to absorb some of the shock.
  • An elastic sling: This one protects your laptop if you accidentally drop the backpack. This works like a vertical shock absorber to take up some of the force of the impact.
  • An air bladder: This can also absorb much of the jolt of impact. It’s very efficient, but takes more space, so it’s less used on slim backpacks.


Gaming laptops are heavier than normal ones, so you want to make sure your backpack is comfortable. But it’s difficult to find a comfortable bag without trying them on, but there are a few factors that can help you choose the best one for your needs.

Generally speaking, Smaller packs with padded shoulder straps and wide waist belts tend to be more comfortable than larger ones, while packs with multiple compartments help you stay organized and more likely to reach your destination free of frustration.

We encourage you to read the customer reviews to see what others think.

Sufficient Space

You don’t just carry the laptop with you. Gamers usually carry additional gadgets and gear. And if that sounds like you, make sure your backpack has a lot of pockets and compartments.

Best Backpacks for Gaming laptops

Before you jump in, double-check the screen size of your laptop. Most laptop backpacks are designed for machines that are either 13-14-inch15.6-inch, or 17.3-inch. It means that there will usually be a separate compartment for machines of this size with extra padding and sleeves for protection.

Our list contains backpacks of different types and sizes, so you are encouraged to see the whole list before settling on one.

1. Razer Rogue v3 – Our Pick

  • Max laptop size: 17″
  • Dimensions: 12.8″ x 20.9″ x 6.7″
  • Storage: 29 liters

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  • Padded 17.3″ laptop compartment.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Minimalist design.
  • Sternum strap + comfy shoulder pads.


  • Aggressive branding.
  • Expensive.
  • Not TSA-friendly.

Product Description

  • Water & Damage Resistant Exterior: A tough, waterproof outer material and leatherette bottom helps to extend the backpack’s life and keep it looking new.
  • Store Laptops & Accompanying Peripherals: The backpack’s main compartment is large enough for the Razer Blade Pro or any other 17 inch laptop, while the accessory compartment has ample space for electronics.
  • Comfortable Padded Straps & Breathable Back: Supportive shoulder straps and a breathable air mesh back material ensure comfort.
  • Protective Interior Lining: The inside of each compartment is covered in a special green TPU material to keep laptops safe.

The Razer Rogue V3 is a compact and lightweight backpack for 17-inch laptops. You’ve got to praise its clever design. From the outside, it doesn’t look too big. But inside, you’ve got space for most of your gadgets and stuff – including your tablet, headphones, and other gaming gear.

This backpack has a padded laptop sleeve, which protects the laptop from drops and scratches. There is a decent amount of room in the main compartment for bulky items, but note that you’ll have to pull them out to get the laptop. If you need to trim down on size, the bag has compression straps in case you find it too large for your needs.

The bag also features waterproof zippers, and you have a detachable rain cover for extra protection. It also has comfortable shoulder straps and a sternum clip which distributes the load evenly.

2. Mobile Edge Core – Professional Bagpack

  • Max laptop size: 17″
  • Dimensions: 9″ x 17″ x 19.5″
  • Storage: 48L
Mobile Edge core is a versatile gaming laptop backpack for serious gamers.

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  • 48L storage volume.
  • Prewired for a power bank.
  • Full-body zippers.


  • No sternum straps.
  • Too large for some people.
  • Side pockets can’t fit a water bottle.

Product Description

  • Sized to hold most popular models of Gaming Laptops up to 17″ and/or consoles (i.e., Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch)
  • Checkpoint-Friendly design to speed through TSA checkpoints
  • Prewired universal power bank pocket for charging items in each section
  • External USB 3.0 Quick-Charge compatible port and built-in charging cable
  • Three separate sections for a laptop, tablet, keyboard, files, accessories and your personal items

The Mobile Edge Core is by far the most complete professional backpack we’ve found. With a total storage volume of 48 liters, you’ll never run out of room with this backpack.

The backpack consists of three large storage compartments, all of which are pre-wired for an internal power pack. This is useful if you’re a professional gamer – you can charge your gears while on the move. The padded laptop pocket can hold almost any 17-inch laptop, and you can zip it all the way down for easy access at TSA checkpoints.

The main compartment is divided into a tablet pocket, a headphone strap, and an optional divider. You also get a lot of side pockets and compartments for storing as many gadgets as you want, without worrying about space.

One downside would be the size. A huge, bulky backpack isn’t the thing most people look for. But for those who need it, it’s the perfect buy.

3. Outjoy Shockproof Backpack – Best for Comfort

  • Max laptop size: 17.3″
  • Dimensions: 12″ x 9.8″ x 19″
  • Storage: 32 liters
Outjoy shockproof backpack - perfect choice for traveller cum gamers.

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  • Comfortable back design.
  • Shock Proof main comSpartment.
  • Water-proof design.
  • Organized pocket.


  • Weighs over 2 pounds.
  • Not the most durable.

Product Description

  • OUTJOY Laptop backpack offers a specially and professionally shockproof protective airbag technology with extra bubble type padding that adds a lot of protection for your laptops and the gaps created by the “bubbles” allow your laptop to cool off after use by passive venting through these channels.
  • It is an ideal business backpack or travel rucksack for its improved durable Metal buckles connectors, cushioned shoulder straps, sturdy grasp top handle and breathable mesh-covered back panel with air-flow passage designed that increases ventilation and will not make you feel hot in the warmer day.
  • OUTJOY men’s laptop work backpack has water resistant outer fabric and waterproof rain cover for a double protection of your inside objects from getting wet.The rain cover is hidden at the bottom and pull it out for an emergency use .
  • Our large backpack has roomy space with organized pockets to your daily need.The pockets’ construction is improved deeper to contain more gadgets at the most front Compartment. There is a headphone hole at the reasonable top position connecting cable through in case that your phone is stolen or gets lost or gets dropping when you enjoy your music or have a phone call talk or run in a hurry.
  • Additionally, Luggage Strap is a highlight that can attach onto the luggage pull- along handle when you are on business or go traveling.This 17 inches laptop backpack can suitably fit under airplane seat. So It owns a pretty unisex appearance that suits men and women, and it can work as business backpack, computer bag, traveling bag, school/college rucksack.

If you’re looking for a comfortable backpack without losing too much space or protection, then you want to consider the OutJoy Shockproof laptop backpack. It’s a medium-sized backpack that can fit up to 17-inch laptops.

As the name suggests, it features a shockproof, velcro-closed airbag in the main compartment which protects your laptop and gear. Its outer layer is made of waterproof fabric, and there’s a hidden rain cover for extra protection in the wet season.

The backpack has several organized pockets for your phones, pens, and other small items – it even has a keychain and earphone outlet.

It’s ergonomically shaped back distributes weight evenly on your shoulder and back. The rear portion is covered with breathable mesh that helps with ventilation. This makes it a perfect choice for travelers and college-goers.

4. Aorus B7R Backpack – For Safety and Comfort

  • Max laptop size: 17″
  • Dimensions: 20″ x 16.1″ x 7.8″
  • Storage: 40 liters

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  • Suspended 17″ laptop compartment.
  • Sternum strap & hip belt provide extra support.
  • Comfortable on the back.
  • Lots of space.


  • Doesn’t stand without support.
  • Weak water bottle pockets.
  • zippers aren’t very durable.

Product Description

  • Fits up to 17-inch notebooks.
  • Up to 20KG load for each strap.
  • 1680D ballistic nylon: lightweight, tear-resistant & splash proof.
  • Exterior Dimension: 20.07″ x 16.14″ x 7.87″ (51 x 41 x 20 cm).
  • Gaming backpack only, no other peripherals are included.

This backpack from AORUS provides a perfect combination between, protection, space, and comfort. It’s a medium-to-big size backpack with a capacity of over 40L. Its suspended and generously padded laptop sleeve perfectly accommodates a 17-inch gaming laptop. The suspended design protects the laptop from falls, by reducing the shock of impact.

Its molded back panel and padded shoulder straps distribute weight and provide comfort to the back and shoulder. The second compartment has lots of place for all your gadgets and gear.

The bag has a sternum seat belt and a hip belt for stability. The outer layer is water-resistant, and there’s a detachable rain cover for emergencies.

If you’re someone who loves hiking or traveling often, this backpack is a good suit.

5. MSI Mystic Knight

  • Max laptop size: 17″
  • Dimensions: 13.6″ x 6.3″ x 26.4″
  • Storage: 37L
The MSI Mystic Knight is water-proof backpack for gaming laptops.

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  • Minimal yet classy design.
  • IPX2 waterproof.
  • Convertible to a shoulder bag.


  • No pocket for water bottle.
  • Depth not adjustable.
  • No built-in organizer

Product Description

  • Laptop compartment (fits small to large 17″ Laptops) w/ Additional accessory slots + magnetic lip seal + hook and book closing method.
  • Front Reflector design pattern| shoulder carrying mode adjustability (w/ access to your laptop from the side).
  • Dual behind- the-back hidden pockets | front/ back slim storage.
  • Adjustable chest strap | roller luggage strap.
  • Water repellent (rated IPX-2) + Base pocket w/ Dragon logo rain bag cover.

For people living in wet or tropical areas, a fully waterproof backpack like MSI Mystic Knight seems like a good fit. It uses an innovative roll-top design that offers improved water resistance over conventional zippers. Additionally, It comes with a rain cover which may come in handy in case of a torrential downpour.

The padded laptop sleeve can accommodate even the bulkiest of gaming rigs. There is room for additional gears in the main compartment, but perhaps the organization could have been better. Its cushy shoulder pads and a comfy sternum clip help distribute weight evenly.

The biggest downside is that it has no water bottle holder. This seems pretty foolish for a company like MSI. I mean, everyone carries a bottle of drink, right?

6. Lenovo Legion Recon – Best for college

  • Max laptop size: 15.6″
  • Dimensions: 6.3″ x 11.62″ x 19.5″
  • Storage: 22L
Lenovo Legion Recon is an excellent backpack for college

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  • Compact in size.
  • Large main compartment.
  • Excellent build quality for the price.
  • Organised and easily accessible pockets.


  • Finicky zippers.
  • Water resistance is below average.
  • No external rain cover.

Product Description

  • Unrivaled protection: you’ll have no trouble defending your gaming gear from daily life, Made from a lightweight material that survives regular wear and defies the elements.
  • Unbeatable comfort: avoid the bulk with a slim, contoured design that ensures comfort and Protection on-the-go. Quick access compartments and an added loop for glasses optimal for laptop travel backpack use.
  • Unbelievable storage: room for a 15. 6″ Lenovo Gaming laptop, a large main compartment, plus dedicated pockets for all of your gaming gear and accessories. Fits up to 267 x 30 x 362 mm (10.5 x 1.2 x 14. 3 in).
  • Unparalleled versatility: This Lenovo Legion gaming laptop bag can double as a business backpack for the professional or a laptop Book bag for students.
  • Unequaled Ingenuity: at 2.01 lbs. , This lightweight laptop bag is small in weight, but will make a huge a huge impact on your daily routine. Back padding is made of breathable material, base is thick and sturdy, and shoulder strap is adjustable.

This fairly compact and elegant-looking backpack from Lenovo may not be the best suit for professional esports guys. But thanks to its professional look, it’s a great backpack for daily use – and not just for carrying the laptop.

Its padded laptop sleeve is designed for 15-inch laptops, but many found out that it can also properly accommodate a 17″ gaming notebook. Its smaller size provides excellent mobility. The cushy rear padding is made of breathable material, which provides extra comfort to your back.

Despite the smaller size, it’s still got a lot of room inside. Thanks to the large main compartment, you can fit your tablet and phone, headphones, power bank, mouse speaker, etc, and still have room for others!

The quality of the material is excellent, but the outer layer isn’t very effective against water. Bags like these would always have an extra rain cover, but you don’t get one either with this backpack. So if you live in an area with frequent, heavy rainfall, this one just isn’t for you.

7. Lenovo Legion Armored II

  • Max laptop size: 17″
  • Dimensions: 14.2″ x 20″ x 7.1″
  • Storage: 33L
The Legion Armored is a shielded gaming backpac that protects all your gaming gears.

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  • Large main compartment.
  • Excellent build quality for the price.
  • Organised and easily accessible pockets.


  • Water bottle pocket could be larger

Product Description

  • Spacious interior: the dedicated PC compartment fits gaming laptops up to a whopping 17.3″. Perfectly placed pockets provide quick access to your tools when you need them.
  • Unbeatable durability: Protect your favorite gear with an ultra-tough, high-density EVA molded front shield lined with water-resistant PU fabric.
  • Unwavering comfort: This laptop backpack comes equipped with back padding, ventilation, and adjustable shoulder and chest straps that provide comfort that never quits.
  • Sleek style: With its neat and sleek design, the Legion 17″ Armored backpack II beautifully combines gaming performance with style that fits any situation.
  • Dedicated gear storage: separate pockets designed to hold your keyboard and palm rest, mouse, headphones, water bottle, and more.

For a 17-inch laptop backpack, the Legion Armored II is amazingly sleek and compact. And on top of that, It features an ultra-tough, high-density EVA molded front shield lined with water-resistant PU fabric – which provides superior protection from.

The laptop compartment is fully padded with egg-crate foam, and there’s plenty of room and useful pockets in the main compartment. There’s also a headphone strap and a pouch for fragile items. The front compartment is small but can still accommodate frequently sought items like phones, chargers, etc.

The EVA molded front shield protects the backpack from compression and damage. Honestly, we can’t think of another compact backpack like the Legion Armored which provides this kind of damage protection. Its also fully water-resistant, suitable for people in tropical areas.

Check out this list of thin and light gaming laptops, the ones you can carry without too much hassle.



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