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trying to be a good person, I made a Strawberry laptop sleeve from fabric. I also made a small hole in the sleeve to fit my strawberry laptop. I put my laptop in the hole and put my shirt and scarf around the edge. I was happy with the result.


Looking for a stylish and comfortable laptop sleeve? Check out our strawberry sleeve! Made from durable fabric, this sleeve makes for a comfortable and safe environment for your laptop.


1. What is the difference between a laptop sleeve and a sleeve for a laptop?

A laptop sleeve is a type of sleeve that is placed around the bottom of the laptop to protect it from rain or other environmental elements. A sleeve for a laptop is typically larger in size, and is typically white in color.

2. How often should you clean your strawberry laptop sleeve?

The best way to clean your strawberry laptop sleeve is to use a cloth with a high-water content. Use a cloth with a high-water content to clean the sleeve every time you open the laptop.



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