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What Are Torx Screws

Torx screws are a type of fastener that are commonly used in a variety of applications, from automotive to electronics. They are easily recognizable by their six-pointed star-shaped head. Unlike traditional screw heads, which have a single point of contact, Torx screws have multiple points of contact that provide greater stability and better grip. This makes them ideal for use in applications where precision and stability are important.

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Brief on History and origin of Torx screws

Torx screws were developed in 1967 by the Camcar division of Textron, which was looking for a way to improve upon the traditional screw head design. The company came up with the six-pointed star shape, which provided greater stability and better grip than the traditional single-point design. The name “Torx” is a combination of “torque” and “hex,” reflecting the fact that the screws are designed to provide high torque transmission and are shaped like a hexagon.

Brief on Types of Torx screws

There are several different types of Torx screws, each of which is designed for a specific purpose. Some common types of Torx screws include:

  1. Standard Torx screws: These are the most common type of Torx screw, and they are used in a wide variety of applications. They have a six-pointed star-shaped head and a standard thread pattern.
  2. Tamper-resistant Torx screws: These screws are designed to prevent tampering or unauthorized removal. They have a six-pointed star-shaped head, but the points are slightly offset, which makes it difficult to insert a standard Torx screwdriver into the head.
  3. Security Torx screws: These screws are similar to tamper-resistant Torx screws, but they have an additional layer of security. The head of the screw is designed in such a way that it requires a special security Torx screwdriver to remove it.
  4. External Torx screws: These screws have a six-pointed star-shaped head, but they are designed to be used from the outside of an object. They are commonly used in automotive applications, where they are used to secure body panels and other exterior components.

Brief on Advantages and disadvantages of Torx screws

Torx screws have several advantages over traditional screw heads. For example, their six-pointed star shape provides greater stability and better grip, which makes them ideal for use in applications where precision and stability are important. They are also less likely to strip or cam out, which can be a problem with traditional screw heads.

However, there are also some disadvantages to using Torx screws. One of the biggest disadvantages is that they require a specialized Torx screwdriver to remove them, which can be inconvenient if you don’t have one on hand. Additionally, some people find the six-pointed star shape to be more difficult to grip than traditional screw heads, which can make it harder to remove the screws.

Brief on Applications of Torx screws

Torx screws are used in a wide variety of applications, including automotive, electronics, and construction. They are commonly used in automotive applications to secure body panels, engines, and other components. In electronics, they are used to secure circuit boards and other components. In construction, they are used to secure framing and other structural components.

Brief on Maintenance and care of Torx screws

Proper maintenance and care are important for ensuring that Torx screws continue to function properly. Some tips for maintaining and caring for Torx screws include:

  • 1. Use the appropriate Torx screwdriver for the screws you are working with. Using the wrong screwdriver can damage the screws and make them difficult to remove.
  • 2. Avoid over-tightening Torx screws. This can strip the threads or damage the screw head, making it difficult to remove the screw in the future.
  • 3. If a Torx screw is stripped or damaged, do not attempt to remove it with pliers or other tools. Instead, use a screw extractor to carefully remove the screw without damaging it further.
  • 4. Store Torx screws in a clean, dry place to prevent them from rusting or corroding.

Torx Screws Kits We Love

1. Strebito Screwdrive Set – 142 Piece Electronics

Number of Items: 142
Head Style: Phillips, Flat Head, Torx, Torx Security, Pentalobe, Hex, Triwing, Pozidriv, Nut Driver, Square, Gamebit, Spanner, Triangle, Standoff, SIM Eject etc
Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
Color: Blue

what are torx screws


Wide variety of pieces
Decent price for such a large piece portfolio
Organized & portable
26% DISCOUNT circa 01/06/2023


Too many pieces

Product Description
  • 【Wide Application】This precision screwdriver set has 120 bits, complete with every driver bit you’ll need to tackle any repair or DIY project. In addition, this repair kit has 22 practical accessories, such as magnetizer, magnetic mat, ESD tweezers, suction cup, spudger, cleaning brush, etc. Whether you’re a professional or a amateur, this toolkit has what you need to repair all cell phone, computer, laptops, SSD, iPad, game consoles, tablets, glasses, HVAC, sewing machine, etc
  • 【Humanized Design】This electronic screwdriver set has been professionally designed to maximize your repair capabilities. The screwdriver features a particle grip and rubberized, ergonomic handle with swivel top, provides a comfort grip and smoothly spinning. Magnetic bit holder transmits magnetism through the screwdriver bit, helping you handle tiny screws. And flexible extension shaft is useful for removing screw in tight spots
  • 【Magnetic Design】This professional tool set has 2 magnetic tools, help to save your energy and time. The 5.7*3.3″ magnetic project mat can keep all tiny screws and parts organized, prevent from losing and messing up, make your repair work more efficient. Magnetizer demagnetizer tool helps strengthen the magnetism of the screwdriver tips to grab screws, or weaken it to avoid damage to your sensitive electronics
  • 【Organize & Portable】All screwdriver bits are stored in rubber bit holder which marked with type and size for fast recognizing. And the repair tools are held in a tear-resistant and shock-proof oxford bag, offering a whole protection and organized storage, no more worry about losing anything. The tool bag with nylon strap is light and handy, easy to carry out, or placed in the home, office, car, drawer and other places
  • 【Quality First】The precision bits are made of 60HRC Chromium-vanadium steel which is resist abrasion, oxidation and corrosion, sturdy and durable, ensure long time use. This computer tool kit is covered by our lifetime warranty and 30 days money-back. If you have any issues with the quality or usage, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will offer you a best solution in 24 hours

2. TEKPREM 8 in 1 – Set

Head Style: Swivel, Torx
Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
Color: Black-Orange
Item Dimensions: 4.72 x 4.72 x 4.72 inches

T3 to T10 Torx Screwdrivers
Repair kit for Mac, Mini, Xbox Controller etc
High Quality
27% DISCOUNT AS OF 01/06/2023

Small selection of pieces

Product Description
  • [Small Torx Screwdriver Set]: TEKPREM 8 in 1 torx screwdriver kit include normal T3 T4 T5 torx screwdriver and T6H T7H T8H T9H T10H torx security screwdriver with hole in the screwdriver bit. All the torx screwdrivers are magnetic which are convenient to hold tiny screws.
  • [Widely Application]: This torx kit include 3 normal and 5 torx security screwdrivers which can be widely use for Xbox one Xbox 360 and controller,Macbook, Mac mini,PS3,PS4, Computer, laptop, electronics, smart phones,folding knives,etc.
  • [Non-slip Handle]: These torx screwdrivers handle are made of plastic with TPR and PP material. Ergonomic grip for repeated use,convenient to hold in hand with swivel cap, good for long time use.
  • [Complete Torx Repair Kit]:TEKPREM torx tool kit packed with a plastic bag, include T3-t10 torx screwdrivers, great small torx repair tool kit to repair household appliances,game consoles,routers and other special torx screws removal.
  • [High Quality and Precise]:The screwdriver bit are made of high quality chrome vanadium steel material.Precise and accurate to fit and remove your torx screws with no hassle.

3. NEIKO Master Torx Screws Bit Socket Set – 35 piece Set

Brand: Neiko
Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel, S2 Steel
Drive System: Torx
Finish Type: Chrome-vanadium, Chrome Vanadium
Item Dimensions: 5.9 x 11.1 x 1.65 inches

Premium quality
Ultra strong, tamper-resistant
35 Piece, 60 Piece & Extra Long 60-piece set available
11% Discount on 60-piece Torx Screws


Product Description
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: 35-piece set of ultra-strong, tamper-resistant external steel Torx E female socket and Torx bit socket
  • PROVIDES ADDED TORQUE: Precisely made tips provide added torque to loosen hard to access nuts and bolts
  • ULTRA DURABLE: Made of heat-treated chrome vanadium S2 steel for strength and durability on tough nuts and bolts
  • INCLUDES COMMON SIZES: Torx E female socket (E4 to E18), Torx bit sockets (T8 to T60) and Torx tamper bit socket (TT8 to TT55)
  • BLOW MOLDED CASE: Set includes a sturdy hard plastic case for carrying and storage

4. VCOO Torx Screws Set – 45 in 1 Mini Screwdriver set

Brand: VCOO
Head Style: Torx
Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
Color: 45 in 1
Dimensions: 7.91 x 5.16 x 4.16 inches

Torx related set
Multi function precision
More efficient and convenient

No current discounts on Amazon

Product Description
  • 45 in 1 mutil function precision screwdriver set,easily interchangeable.
  • Suitable for repairing laptops, mobile devices, and other precision items like wristwatches.
  • Non-slip tough shaft ensures greater comfort and convenience.
  • Handle is designed based on Human Mechanics, which makes operation more efficient and convenient.
  • Upgrade packing

5. CASOMAN Master Torx Screws – 60 Piece Set

Drive System: Torx Plus, Torx
Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel, S2 Steel
Size: 60-piece
Item Dimensions: 15.08 x 9.45 x 2.36 inches

29% Discount on Amazon as of 01/06/2023
Generous 60-Piece set
Meets ANSI performance standards

Storage box could be weak link as slots for 60 individual items do not grip

Product Description
  • Constructed from S2 Steel and chrome vanadium steel (CR-V) for superior strength and longevity, Sockets features a chrome finish and bits are made from S2 steel bits to resist rust and corrosion

  • Precisely and automatically machined bit tips to ensure accurate size, chamfered bit ends insert smoothly into fasteners and protect both bits and fasteners from damaged edges
  • This set includes:14-piece Torx E socket:E4-E24, 17-piece Torx Bit Socket,:T6-T70, 17-piece Torx Tamper Bit Socket:TT6-TT70, 12-piece Torx Plus bit socket:TP8-TP60
  • It comes with a durable blow-molded carrying case for easy transportation, safe storage, and quick organization
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI performance standards. It comes with 1 year quality warranty.

6. LEXIVON – Torx Bit Socket Set

Brand: Lexivon
Drive System: Star, Torx
Finish Type: Smooth, Chrome, Polished, Mirror Finish, Steel
Material: Metal
Item Dimensions: 8 x 5.8 x 1.7 inches

Premium torx screws kit
Longevity & durability
Superior materials for increased torque and unmatched hardness
32% Discount on Amazon as of 01/06/2023

13-pieces; rather low compared to other kits in the market

Product Description
  • PREMIUM – 13-Piece set, Featured a wide range of Torx Bit Socket. Crafted and Designed with superior materials for increased torque and unmatched hardness.
  • DURABLE – Drop-forged, Heat-treated S2 alloy steel bits, Reduce wear-outs. Hardened treated Chrome Vanadium steel sockets, Increase turning power.
  • LONGEVITY – Complete rust and corrosion resistance with fully polished, Chrome plated mirror finish sockets and Zinc Phosphate bits treatment.
  • COMFORTABLE – Insert smoothly with precision chamfered bit ends. Sizes are stamped on sockets and on heavy duty storage case for faster recognition.
  • 100% RISK-FREE – Meet & Exceeds ANSI (The American National Standard Institute) and backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty for your complete peace of mind.

In conclusion, Torx screws are typically used in vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, computer systems, hard disk drives and consumer electronics. This unusual star shaped head makes them far more secure than regular flat head or cross head screws that allow higher torque transmission so screws and bolts can be tightened more securely and efficiently. The external drive Torx is however less common, but gained some popularity in machine screws and lag screws as an alternative drive head type to hex. This makes it particularly useful for applications where a high level of precision and force is required, such as in the assembly of machinery or heavy equipment.


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