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What Is A Hoarding Sign


Note to future self: hoard away. Just kidding!

I don’t know about you, but ever since getting into Smash Gadget and all tech related stuff. It is quite common to start collecting, hanging on to tech gear. Even the electronics that don’t work. I know. Terrible. Trust me my room is not on an episode of Hoarders on A&E:

SourceHoarders: Couples Who Hoard Together – One Hour Marathon

Sheesh, moving along!

What IS A HOARDING SIGN.. well I think there are a couple, no?

Excessive Clutter and Disorganization in the home

Well in this instance our room. We often tend to have difficulty throwing things away, even items that are no longer useful or have sentimental value. Well, you know that I just love external hard drivesGPUs, keyboards and Ergonomic Wireless mouse’s. I just LOVE IT. I can’t seem to be ok with throwing them away so easily. Yes even if they are NOT working. Why? Well, I think cause I used them for a long period of time and even though they don’t work, I have that mindset that I could watch a YouTube video and learn to fix it. Yes you heard that right! DIY Fixing. Disclaimer: don’t try this at home!

I’m a fan of TronicsFIX Page on YouTube, instead of binge watching Tiktok videos, I tend to go to these pages and see what I can potentially fix or damage further :O

FAILED DIY Graphics Card Repair – RTX 3080 – Let’s Fix It!

Now getting into the not so great side of hoarding, feeling overwhelmed or anxious when thinking about getting rid of my love(s). Yes, my love(s). When your used to an environment in and around your desk, whether its chips, chips ahoy (chunky pack), a billion moleskine notebooks, and then tech and electronic gear. I guess that means we crossed the line right? Well, let me explain. I think its totally NORMAL to have a cozy setup where you feel at home within your home. Thanks Covid!

However next part I really avoid is having people over or letting them check out my tech cave due to yes possible judgement. Here’s a recent convo with a friend that came over:Annoying friend: Dude, wtf is this?me: um the reason this door is closed is to remain closed, did I give you permission to just waltz in?Annoying friend: well, I don’t really need permission. Where the hell am I supposed to sit? Do you want me to sit on all these GPUs and have a Iron Man themed Ergonomic Mouse near my rear.me: well, next time give me a heads up and maybe I could have made some room. ps don’t touch my love(s)

Well as you can see I did feel a bit embarrassed thanks to my annoying friend judgement. He’s inspired me to:

How to Install Chain Door Fasteners : Door Installation & Repairs

Hope you enjoyed that little rant.

Symptoms of Hoarding

Oh its getting real now. Feeling attached to objects and having a hard time letting go. Well, I AM NOT PLANNING TO LET GO. 😀 What’s wrong with a little hoardation? I’m not a freak or anything, but its nice to have a little legacy portfolio of items that still has some value. If we want to get creative here, I could potentially scrap my external hard drives for gold and platinum and other precious metals. It would take a good number of them to get some $$$ but its not impossible.

Before you decide to binge on Tiktok watch this:

How to Scrap a Harddrive for gold Platinum and other metals
SourceMoose Scrapper

Hoarding Behaviors

I’m not really a fan of labels of what defines hoarding behaviors, but I guess it is fine to keep a large number of items that most people would consider trash or clutter? I really don’t agree with considering all this hardware as trash. They can essentially work if you know how to get them up and running.



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